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Sales Chatbots: How to Grow Revenue Using Conversational AI

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chatbot for sales

This is mainly because unhappy customers are unlikely to return and make a purchase again. Therefore, it’s important to understand if a customer is happy with the services or not. Conversational chatbot marketing opens a door for customers to express what they’re feeling so businesses can understand and empathize with their customers. Now, you can’t overload every webpage with minute detail about the product and services. The best that you can do is to deploy a chatbot for your eCommerce website and keep the ball rolling. This brings your business even more value when your bot has a live chat system integrated with it.

Your first bot option is the standalone chatbot, which exists in its own separate app. In this case, bots utilize pattern match to group the text and then deliver an appropriate response. In fact, for all their quick advancements over the years, chatbot technology is far from perfect. When a customer has a query or problem, they’d visit your website and connect with the chatbot. Save reps’ time and minimize the chances of errors that occur when the job is done manually. A proficient CRM can help you not just capture and update prospects’ information but also auto-assign tasks to the relevant reps.

Increase lead generation

For instance, your marketers can identify common problems and challenges a lead may have and then use these to create pain points for various customer avatars. This is typically when the marketing team does most of its work, enticing the lead with information and promotional materials that will hopefully convince them to buy. Now we’re getting into the advanced part of the sales funnel or the decision stage. This would also be the time that the lead may decide to opt in to an email newsletter or reach out for a consultation with a salesperson by phone. By the time you finished with one group of leads, the next would have trickled in, creating a never-ending job. As we’ve written about on this blog before, during this first phase, your would-be customer knows next to nothing about your company.

This information will guide the design of your chatbot and ensure that it aligns with your overall sales strategy. As technology advances, businesses must keep up with the latest tools to stay ahead of the competition. One such tool that has revolutionized the sales industry is a conversational AI sales bot. Your chatbot can pass along relevant content to leads, continue to address queries, and fill in the gaps salespeople can’t because they’re well, human. Sales chatbots can play a role in each of these stages, from beginning to end, increasing the productivity of your sales team and even boosting your revenue.

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With chatbot automation, you can conveniently scale the customer support of your business. Scalability of approval means you can handle traffic surges—especially in festive seasons—without having to make the extra investment in staff and resources. With chatbot automation, it is guaranteed that you will always be online. The first step of every communication is knowing you will readily answer every question you ask.

chatbot for sales

By feeding them a set of general keywords and frequently asked questions, chatbots can help qualify leads that are likely to convert, to ease the burden on the lives of your sales team. Chatbots can also assist in the lead generation process by being equipped with a lead magnet, like an eBook or a webinar to attract the attention of visitors when they ask a question. For example, a visitor to a fashion website might ask their chatbot – ‘which jeans would best fit me? ‘, to which the chatbot could automatically respond with a downloadable link to one of their sizing guides.

They qualify leads while also relieving agents of frequent inquiries to address. Well, when employees are less stressed, they are happier and more motivated to work. That can mean an increase in conversion rates, which again leads to workplace satisfaction. Chatbots solutions can also be integrated with WhatsApp or any other social messaging service.

  • Each time you ask either of these voice assistants a question or request that they schedule an appointment, play a song, or search something for you, you’re using a voice-enabled chatbot.
  • They do this using a combination of instant messaging and a large database of answers.
  • Sales chatbots are computer applications/programs similar to conversational chatbots.
  • Using an AI sales bot isn’t just about gathering data – it should also be intuitive and user-friendly so that prospects and customers can easily interact with it.
  • Organisations are constantly devising new methods to prevent shopping cart abandonment, simply because converting a potential client who has gone all the way should be quite simple.
  • Podcasts are an amazing tool for providing valuable content to users, but it’s not always easy to build a community around podcast listeners.

It is trained on large data sets to recognize patterns and understand natural language, allowing it to handle complex queries and generate more accurate results. Additionally, an AI chatbot can learn from previous conversations and gradually improve its responses. The chatbots from Engati provide thorough customer service, automated sales and marketing, and intelligent HR management. Likewise, linking your chatbots to your CRM software can work to propagate streamlined follow-ups with prospective customers. We lead busy lives, sometimes opportunities pass us by – but not with chatbots! When your sales process is hooked-up with this machine learning, you can ensure a systemised follow-up routine is in place.


A decent amount of information to assist you in making a decision about sales chatbots. Bots can provide answer flawlessly and offer smart solutions by interpreting customers queries easily. If bots are unable to understand any query it will be routed to the best human representative. Bots easily interpret customer’s queries and offer quick replies that make them satisfied. Getting their basic questions answered immediately by a chatbot improves your customers’ satisfaction.

British officials say AI chatbots could carry cyber risks – Reuters

British officials say AI chatbots could carry cyber risks.

Posted: Wed, 30 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Additionally, by the end of 2022, mobile applications will account for almost 60% of eCommerce purchases, a number that has been steadily rising. Especially when a product is expensive or a non-consumable good that people often buy, customers’ concerns should be listened to and addressed. With Answer Bot, you can leave common inquiries to your AI while you put deeper personal touches on more complex problems. Answer Bot can handle multiple channel inputs at one time, so you never have to worry about missing an important inbound question.

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After that, a Professional plan with up to 10K interactions, 5 bots, and 1 brand starts at $19/mo. The International Business Times has ranked SN Chatbot as the number one lead generation service for 2022. In 2019, bot-only chats had an average satisfaction rate of 87.58 percent, and chatbots were able to handle 68.9 percent of chats from start to finish on average. You have to ensure that your welcome message matches your audience and the way you want to be perceived. For instance, if you’re a company that caters to a B2B audience and want to be perceived as a serious and trustworthy company, your chatbot’s welcome message shouldn’t be too playful.

chatbot for sales

The fully automated chatbots come with AI and NLP features, making it a powerful chatbot for eCommerce businesses to boost their sales. You can establish an omnichannel customer support by integrating it with several channels, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. This chatbot helps businesses deliver delightful customer experience by reducing response time. You can integrate this tool with several other famous communication channels, such as FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and connect with your customers easily.

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  • It offers a no-code chatbot builder and many templates to make the process quicker.
  • By placing chatbots on the pricing pages, chatbots can also answer pricing queries faster and aid the sales conversion process.
  • Overall, we are very happy with the experience it provides our customers.
  • This was the initial testament to their commitment to the people side of a technology business.